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Copyright in artificially generated works

Report of the Swiss Group*

I. Introduction

For the purposes of this Study Question, a work created in whole or in part using artificial intelligence is referred to as an artificially-generated work or an AI-­created work. The term “copyright” means the rights associated with copyright as set forth in the Berne Convention. The term “related rights” means all other copyright-type rights, e.g., “related rights”, “neighbouring rights”, “sui generis rights”, etc. The term ­“economic rights” means the exclusive rights of copyright granted to the ­author, e.g., the right of reproduction. The term “moral rights” means the rights of copyright granted to the author apart from economic rights, e.g., the right to object to distortion of the work.

Of all the technological advances that attract lawyers’ attention, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a good chance as any of proving to be genuinely transformational. There is already a lively debate about whether the advent of AI challenges the…